Chamillionaire & Paul Wall Bring Out H-Town’s Finest at Reunion Show

Neither Chamillionaire nor Paul Wall were wearing ruby red shoes at the House of Blues on Friday night (April 23) for their first on stage performance together in Houston since their split in 2004. But if the response of the capacity crowd and the throng of peers behind them on stage with their hands held high was any indication, there’s no place like home.

“The entire city of Houston showed up so heavy to support us tonight,” Cham said. “It made the decade worth of reppin’ for Texas completely worth it.”

Koopa and The People’s Champ thanked the crowd for coming out and paid homage to late H-Town greats Fat Pat, Big Moe, Hawk, DJ Screw and Pimp C before launching into bangers like, “Hip-Hop Police,” “Sittin’ Sideways,” “Ridin’ Dirty” and “Drive Slow.” The rejuvenated partners in rhyme volleyed back and forth between their respective catalogue of hits like Nadal and Federer in their epic match at Wimbledon.

To shakes things up, Cham challenged two random members of the audience to step into the cipher to spit 16s off the dome to the instrumental for ESG’s “Swang and Bang.” Both MCs wrecked it to the delight of the multitude of fans, before ESG himself jumped on stage to do a freestyle of his own. Lil Keke even got in on the action with a verse from his underground classic, “Pimp Da Pen.”

The noise levels went through the roof when the duo brought out Screwtown’s unofficial hip-hop mayor, Bun B, who had Pimp C’s son in tow [see below]. The UGK representer served up “Get Throwed” and “Draped Up” before returning the keys to the headliners drivin’ the show that might as well have been tippin’ on four-fours, wrapped in four vogues.

The rap duo then offered up new material for the masses to feast on: “Main Event” from Cham’s Venom, slated for a June 22 release, and “I’m on Patron” from Wall’s The Heart of a Champion, slated for a June 29 release.

“Tonight’s show was incredible,” Wall said. “To be able to share the stage with the legends we admired like ESG, Lil Keke and Bun B, that gave us a strong sense of Texas pride and tonight showed that the city is ready to unite and take over again.”


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