Rihanna & Melissa Get Another Matching Tattoo


Rihanna’s relationship with her best friend and assistant, Melissa, has been the subject of rumors for quite some time now.

It was sparked by the closeness of their relationship – including the fact that both have each other’s birthdays tattooed on them.

And now, those rumors are likely to come back full circle now that bloggers have noticed that Melissa’s new tattoo is exactly like Rihanna’s.

Last year, Rihanna got the words “never a failure always a lesson” near her shoulder.

What a coincidence: Melissa has the same phrase on her arm now.

These two are becoming pop music community’s answer to Oprah and Gayle.

People are going to think whatever about them regardless, but from your own point-of-view how close is too close?

Are matching tattoos really that big a deal?


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