Woman Files Lawsuit Against Citibank Claiming She Was Fired For Being ‘Too Sexy’

Photo Credit: Carrie Schechter

NEW YORK (WPIX.com) – A Queens woman says she was fired from a Manhattan bank for being too hot for the workplace.

Debrahlee Lorenzana, filed a lawsuit against Citibank claiming she was the victim of a hostile work environment simply because of the way she dressed on the job.

She began working at the Citibank branch in the Chrysler Building in September 2009 and soon encountered inappropriate and sexist comments from her male coworkers.

The 33-year-old Queens woman says she was told by her bosses to tone down her wardrobe, including form-fitting clothes like turtlenecks, pencil skirts, fitted suits and heels.

According to Lorenzana, she requested to be transfered to another branch in May 2009. After iniitally being turned down, her wish was granted in July 2009 when she was moved to the Rockfeller Center branch, but was fired in August 2009 for alleged poor job performance.

Lorenzana has since landed another banking job. She says she has not changed her wardrobe and recieved no complaints from her new coworkers.

She is suing for lost wages and emotional distress.

In a statement, Citibank said they cannot comment on the suit in detail. But the company did state: We believe this lawsuit is without merit and we will defend against it vigorously. […] Citi is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and providing a respectful environment in the workplace. We have a strong commitment to diversity and we do not condone, or tolerate, discrimination within our business for any reason.

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One Response to “Woman Files Lawsuit Against Citibank Claiming She Was Fired For Being ‘Too Sexy’”

  1. The firing of Lorenzana by the citibank shows the double standard of the West. This has been the crux of arguments by the religious minorities living in the west. Now the truth comes out in the case of Lorenza. Why not allow her to show off her revealing bosom if she wanted to. why restrict her on dresses. Why not she be provocative.

    A Muslim woman who wants to cover more will ask similar questions. Why not I cover as much as I wish to. why can not I be less provocative and less sexy? If the western countries are true to what they say about the fundamental rights, why interfere with the fundamental rights of Lorenza.In the same breathe why interfere with the fundamental rights of the Muslim women. It is sheer hypocrisy, bias, pretentious culture and open double standard. Even in the liberal West, it is an offence for women to go half naked. There are restrictions on dress even in Europe, is the contention of Muslims. The difference is only in degree when it comes to modesty.

    Absolute freedom is non-existent in any culture. Being social animals, men and women have animal magnetism and sex appeal. One can never deny the fact that when a young man looking at a woman revealing a major part of her firm, round, shapely and bulging breasts gets sexually excited and would have train of quite often lewd thoughts in his mind. Hence religious laws on dress code. The West judges one set of rules as barbaric simply because OF ALIEN CULTURE BASE and another set as liberation

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