Todd Bridges Speaks on Gary Coleman’s EX Wife: “How Could She Be So Selfish”

Todd Bridges agrees that something is super-shady about Gary Coleman’s ex Shannon Price:

According to

Gary Coleman’s Diff’rent Strokes co-star Todd Bridges has slammed the star’s ex-wife after it emerged that she snapped photos of the star on his deathbed.

“How could you be so selfish?” Bridges asked Shannon Price in an exclusive interview with The 45-year-old, who played older brother Willis to Coleman’s Arnold on the hit television series, told’s Alexis Tereszcuk that he was questioning the motivations of his friend’s on-again, off-again partner Price, 24, to cash in on the late actor.

“I would never be that mad at somebody to ever do something so dreadful and horrible to them,” Bridges said. However, Bridges said he did not buy Price’s explanation that she took the photos, but never intended to release them.

“It sounds a little hokey to me,” he said. “That’s insane, I couldn’t even imagine doing that. Poor Gary has no idea what’s going on in his life, he has no idea that this is happening to him because he’s not here to fight back.”


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