CRAZY FOR REAL:Kat Stacks Ex Manager Says She Could Get Deported Back To Venezuela

Kat Stacks is a problem. At least to certain rappers, critics and even the people around her. Earlier this year, the Miami based ex-stripper began airing out sordid details of her alleged affairs with industry men, including Bow Wow, Nelly and members of Young Money.

More recently, Kat made weblines when two men, one of whom claimed affiliation with Fabolous and Bow Wow, slapped her in an Atlanta bar, a video that made the rounds on the Internet. According to Kat’s former manager Will Daniels, the stripper-turned-blogger needs to be contained.

I don’t know how she hasn’t been busted yet because she’s all over the Internet. She’s still on probation for her gun charge,” Daniels tells VIBE. “If she gets caught, she could get deported [to Venezuela] for 10 years.”

Daniels, marketer and owner of celebrity gossip site, began working with Kat a few weeks ago, but their relationship didn’t last long after Kat–who has gone through several managers in a short span–allegedly missed several club appearances at $2,500 per showing and was difficult to manage.

We were booking her on 10-15 events per month and we were working on getting her on the Dr. Phil Show, a reality TV show, and in [magazines]. We wanted to market her as a personality but for her to miss out on money is ridiculous,” says Daniels. “She’s somebody that just can’t get it together. It’s ridiculous to be like, ‘I’m Kat Stacks and I fuck all these rappers and expose them,’ where’s that gonna take you? That shows me she’s in the same mind frame she was in when she was prostituting.”

Daniels further claims that Kat has a drinking problem, adding that their relationship ended via Twitter when Kat tweeted that Daniels had been fired and that booking and interview requests should be forwarded to @YungMazi (who was not available for comment at press time). Daniels says she called him to apologize days later, blaming it on the alcohol but Daniels was tired of the drama.

For her to do that was a slap in the face. She doesn’t want to do anything the right way [and] she claims this Yung Mazi guy is beating her up,” says Daniels, adding that she says she has graphic text messages detailing being kicked and stomped to back up her claims.

Daniels also claims that Mazi is affiliated with Fabolous, describing them as “peoples.” Both Fab and Bow Wow have denied sending men to attack Kat Stacks. “I don’t know for sure but I think he had something to do with it. He knew where she was going to be,” says Daniels. “These are dangerous people that she’s involved with and I think she’s afraid of them.”

According to Daniels, Stacks’ mom often calls him in search of her daughter, whom she wants to return to Miami safely and to take care of her son.

Her own friend Jenna Shea [also not available at press time] told me that [Kat] was toxic. She told me to make money off of her and get out,” says Daniels. “I feel bad about the whole situation. I would like to help but you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.”

Kat Stacks was also unavailable for comment at press time.


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