Add Chamillionaire To The IRS Hit List

A week ago, Chamillionaire reportedly lost a $2 million home he purchased in Houston back in 2006 after failing to make several payments on the property.

When TMZ caught up with him in NY, Chamillionaire  said he wasn’t in financial trouble. No, he said that he “decided to let that house go” because the real estate market went to hell and it became a bad investment.

He said it wasn’t “good business” to keep making payments on the home. His credit disagrees with him.

He told TMZ that he wasn’t broke because “I still got all the cars.”

Do you see where I’m going with this?

If so, I’d love to hear his excuse on why he owes the IRS a six-figure sum in back payments.

The Detroit News reports that the “Ridin” rapper has had a $184,692 lien placed upon him and his wife, Deetra.

The lien says the couple owes taxes in 2007.

That’s definitely not good business because any businessman knows you don’t want the IRS mad at you.


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