Chamillionaire Admits He Stole Idea For “Ridin Dirty” From UGK & How He Tried To Make Good By Giving Pimp C A Car

Houston rapper Chamillionaire did something I can’t ever remember an artist doing before. He admitted he stole the idea for the biggest hit in his career, “Ridin Dirty” from UGK.

UGK dropped the classic album ‘Ridin Dirty‘ back in 1996. It was an instant southern classic and if you haven’t copped it you need to do that ASAP.

Cham explains how he took UGK’s idea and made millions off of it with his 2005 song “Ridin Dirty.” He reveals that when Pimp-C got out of prison he gave the mc a new car as a token of his appreciation.

When Pimp-C died I bought the car back from his family. You now why I bought it? Because I wanted to do something for his family,” Cham explains. “I Feel like Pimp-C up in heaven looking down and that’s what he would have wanted. Everybody screaming ‘Pimp-C this, Pimp-C that’. To my knowledge Bun-B is the only one that I actually know that went above and beyond for Pimp.”

Fast forward to 2010, it’s been three years since Cham’s last album ‘Ultimate Victory‘. Label Drama with Universal has been the biggest hold up in getting the project out to the fans according to Cham.

Cham got sued left and right for his first album ‘Sound Of Revenge‘ because Universal threw him under the bus and didn’t handle their business.

The mc says at one point the label wanted him to do a song with a chick from ‘Gossip Girl‘ which he declined because he wanted to remain authentic.

“In this industry you’re gonna have to deal with a lot of nonsense. You’re gonna have to deal with people that are not attached to music at all telling you how to make the record.”

All in all Cham says ‘Venom‘ is coming out sometime soon.

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