Slim Thug Tries to Clean Up His Comments About Black Women

OK really!? Was anyone actually offended by the comments Slim Thug made about black women being gold diggers and needing to lower their standards?

It seemed like some folks felt some kind of way when VIBE published an article featuring the rapper talking out of the side of his neck (click here if you missed it) but I still don’t understand the outcry. I mean, the only advice I’d take from Slim Thug would be on where to get my hair braided in Houston and since I stopped doing that in ’99 his two cents is pretty much irrelevant to me.

But for those who cared about the frenzy, the rapper hit up Big Tigger’s WPGC 95.5 Morning Show in DC today to clear up his comments. He tried to say that his words were taking out of context by the writer and that he was being sarcastic at a lot of points.

“If I never dated a white woman in my life why would I say I hate black women? I’m not a dummy,” he said during the radio interview. This is the same man who just two days ago, responded to those who weren’t feeling his comments by Tweeting: “I rap about cars clothes and hoes all y’all soul sistas and soul brothas are not my fans so I dnt give a fuck what y’all think.” (and yes, that’s how he spelled everything)

Check Slim Thug’s “What had happened was” interview response below. I think he summed this whole incident up best when he spoke about one of his naysayers: “He’s trying to make me a role model and I didn’t even sign up for that. Why are you even reading a Slim Thug blog?”


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