Star Jones To Pen Talk Show-Based Novel

Star Jones hasn’t had much luck in television following her departure from The View.

She did have that one show on TruTV but that lasted about as long as Ms. Jade’s rap career.

With a lot of free time on her hands Star has turned to book writing. Indeed, Star will be releasing a novel soon that will focus on a subject matter she’s quite familiar with – daytime talk shows.

Page Six has the scoop:

Star Jones could be getting her revenge on Barbara Walters by penning a fictional book about female hosts of a daytime talk show. Page Six has learned that Simon & Schuster imprint Gallery Books will publish Jones’ novel about a TV show, “The Lunch Club,” whose hosts “learn that a former colleague — who departed under mysterious circumstances, and is privy to all their backstage secrets — is coming back with a splash.” Jones was pushed off “The View” by Walters in 2006 and famously said her co-hosts “were hateful.” She now says of her TV career, “I’ve met some of the most fascinating people, heard the most surprising situations, and been privy to so many great stories and secrets. But while this novel will be dishy, it will be a work of fiction.” But an insider said, “There will be tales in the book which will leave readers wondering if they are based on real events and characters. It’s being carefully vetted by lawyers.”


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