‘Toy Story 3’ Breaks Records At The Weekend Box Office With $109 Million While ‘Jonah Hex’ Just Breaks At $5 Million

Toy Story 3, the final entry to a beloved series, gathered a massive $109 million over Father’s Day weekend, extending Pixar’s streak to an unbelievable 11 first place debuts in a row.

If the estimated figure holds, the 3D sequel will hold the highest June opening of all time (over Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) and easily the largest opening for the animation studio in its fifteen year history.

The return of Woody and Buzz brought in $41 million on Friday, the biggest first day for an animated film, besting Shrek the Third’s previous record. Though it fell short of Shrek 3’s $121 million start in 2007 for second place among animated weekends. TS3 is also the biggest animated debut on IMAX, taking $8.4 million on the specialty format alone.

Not surprisingly, Toy Story 3 impressed critics, who collectively turned in 155 positive reviews to Rotten Tomatoes for a nearly perfect 99% score. Contrarian critic Armond White turned in one of only two negative reviews on the site.

Jonah HexThe only other wide opener was Warner Bros’ supernatural western, Jonah Hex, which made only $5.1 million in an embarrassing eighth place. That’s a huge bomb for the reported $80 million comic movie starring Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, and John Malkovich. The only DC Comics adaptation to perform worse was 1997’s Steel starring Shaquille O’Neal.

Karate Kid dropped 48% from its surprising win last Friday through Sunday, but not before crossing the $100 million mark. The $40M film has brought in $106.3M domestic, earning the inevitable sequel. Meanwhile, The A-Team continued to struggle in third.

The Duplass brothers’ awkward, yet very funny comedy Cyrus pulled an impressive average of $45,075 for each of its 4 locations in Los Angeles and New York. The Fox Searchlight film expands next weekend. Source: NewsInFilm.com

3-Day U.S. Weekend Estimates (June 18-20):
1. Toy Story 3 $109 million
2. The Karate Kid $29 million
3. The A-Team $13.8 million
4. Get Him to the Greek $6.1 million
5. Shrek Forever After $5.5 million
6. Prince of Persia $5.3 million
7. Killers $5.1 million
8. Jonah Hex $5.1 million
9. Iron Man 2 $2.7 million
10. Marmaduke $2.7 million


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