Lil Boosie To Appear In Court Today, Some Fans Can’t Understand How He Got Himself Into This Mess, Asking “How U Famous & Still Doing The Same Stuff U Used To Do?”

Louisiana rap star Lil Boosie is literally in a fight for his life starting with his court appearance today.

Boosie, real name Torrance Hatch was indicted by a grand jury for the murder of 35 year old Terry Boyd. Police are also investigating what role he may have played in at least two other homicides according to AllHipHop.

A former employee of Boosie’s Bad Azz Entertainment, Darryl “Bleek” Milton was found shot to death in his car April 1st.

Boosie is also a suspect in the shooting death of rapper Chris “Nussie” Jackson who was killed last February. Nussie and Boosie had been beefing for a while.

In a 2009 interview, Nussie explains the origins of their beef. Saying he used Boosie’s name recogntion as Boosie “Bad Azz” to get in the game by calling himself “Nussie” Bad Azz.

But the beef goes way deeper than that. People suspected Nussie had something to do with the murder of Boosie’s friend, rapper Lil Ivey.

Nussie sheds some light on that situation during the interview as he speaks about a confrontation he had with Boosie..

“I told ya [Boosie] I aint killed ya boy [Lil Ivy]. If I did it, me and you wouldn’t be talking right now, you said ‘alright brah.’

Nussie didn’t take Boosie as a serious threat in the streets.

“To be honest with you, we not on the same level to be beefing,” Nussie said. “It’s kind of embarrassing for me to be saying i’m beefing with Boosie. Cause Boosie a talented rapper and i’m a gangster, aint no comparison.”

Boosie is also dealing with a fan base that looks up to him and kids that are confused by the situation he’s gotten himself into.

His friend, Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed told WAFB, “I think the most important part for us to realize is there are hundreds of thousands of little kids that listen to him and this is their hero,” Reed said. “When you come from basically nothing, these communities are basically nothing but survival camps. When someone makes it out, you look up to them.”

I don’t have a huge amount to say about Boosie. Boosie has to stand up and be a man for his actions. My whole thing is that kids should see this as a turning point in their lives,” Reed added.

Some fans are standing behind the rapper by posting “Free Boosie” messages on websites, but others are fed up.

A Facebook user by the name of “E.R.” wrote “Boosie dumb as hell how u famous and still doin the same stuff u use to do, u suppose to exclude urself from that type of lifestyle and try and better others when u make it.”

Boosie says he’s innocent, but faces a tough legal battle. If convicted of 1st degree murder he faces the possibility of death by lethal injection.


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