Kobe Bryant Reacts To Lebron James & Chris Bosh Joining The Miami Heat

All the sports writers, critics, fans and arm chair coaches have reacted to the Miami Heat getting Chris Bosh and Lebron James to join Dwayne Wade in Miami.

Deep down inside though, the Heat realize the NBA Championship still goes through Los Angeles.

Kobe Bryant, the MVP of the reigning two consecutive title winning Lakers, spoke on the situation.

“I’m friends with all three of them and I’m happy for Wade and Bosh. They seem really happy with the decision. It’s always been about them as people. I don’t really care about the basketball side, that stuff will work itself out. As long as they’re happy with their decisions that’s what matters most.

A reporter then asked, what about Lebron?

Same with him, people tried to take the decision out of his hands with all the hype and houpla. Hopefully he’ll just make the right decisions for him and his family

We all know Kobe was just playing nice for the cameras. This is what he was really thinking

How dare these dudes try to manufacture a dynasty! Me, Gasol and Odom still coming for that ass next season.”


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