ALBANY,NY – For the first time, we’re seeing what led to a deadly traffic stop in Albany, in a February incident that was caught on camera.

Albany police said they are releasing this video now because the case is closed. They wanted the public to see how a routine traffic stop can turn deadly.

The dashboard camera captured the action, when officers pulled over a car at the corner of Quail and Springs Streets on the night of February 16th. They approach on both sides, when police said one officer noticed a handgun in the car and tried to signal his partner. The driver took off.

Howard Tucker

Behind the wheel was 37-year-old Howard Tucker, a parolee from New York City. A second camera mounted up on a building showed Tucker careening down the snow covered street, with officers pursuing on foot.

“Get your hands up. Put your *** hands up. Now! Now!” yelled one officer.

The car spun and hit a telephone pole, striking and knocking down an officer, then dragging him 20-feet. Off camera, you can hear an officer yelling for help, and shooting at the suspect.

“Officer down,” yelled his partner. “Back up, back up!”

In video taken by NewsChannel 13 afterward, a dent in the fence can be seen where the officer was pinned. Tucker was killed with a shot to the neck.

Police said the two officers were exonerated.

“If you don’t have that video all you rely on would be TV and newspaper reports and people would have to draw their own conclusions by what they’re hearing. Now, they can draw their own conclusions by what they’re seeing,” said Detective James Miller.

The officer who had been pinned to the fence suffered leg injuries but has returned to duty.


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