Lebron’s wifey Savannah Brinson talks about “The Decision,” and whether she wants “The Ring”

Looks like Lebron’s longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson is ready for her share of the spotlight….my girl Lola O. interviewed her for Harper’s Bazaar this month. And there were some interesting talking points that reflect her personality (she seems like a sweet, even-keeled, small-town 24-year-old who is happy as such) and her relationship with Lebron (who seems like he is…more affected).

On the topic of Lebron’s Decision to sign with Miami:
“Personally, Miami was not my favorite place. Vacationing there is great: You go for three days and get some sun, and it’s time to go home…It will definitely be an adjustment, but we’ll make it. We’re not complaining…Whatever LeBron felt was comfortable, I’m with him. I just love him so much. We’re soul mates.”

Then Savannah’s mom chimes in, “Don’t you think he knows the difference between ruthlessness and love? If LeBron was going to do something shady, he can do that around the corner. He doesn’t have to go to Miami.” But honestly, that not only sounds naive, it’s sounds like a defensive mechanism.

Meanwhile what does Lebron’s longtime wifey (the pair started dating in highschool) think about becoming his wife?

Savannah Brinson tells Bazaar that she will split her time between Miami and Cleveland because she wants her kids to be able to stay near their friends and go to school as normal. (I definitely hope that whatever displaced anger the folks in Ohio feel about a friggin’ basketball player….they don’t spread that disrespect to his kids. That would be beyond disgusting). She’s starting a furniture line and a girls empowerment charity called “Girl Listen”….and has a laissez-faire attitude about marriage (at least she says).

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Though she and James are now a family unit with two sons, one can’t help but notice the diamondless finger on Brinson’s left hand. She says a wedding is not on the horizon, though she has been dreaming about that day since she was six. “I’ve definitely not put a fire under his ass,” she says. “I would never rush him to do something like that. We’re really comfortable with the way things are now. And it’s not up to me. When it happens, it happens.

“We talk about it. If we do it, I want it to be forever,” she continues. Until then, Brinson knows that the blogosphere will continue to refer to her as James’s baby mama. She’s not bothered by the description but makes it clear that she feels like she’s more than a catchphrase. “I’m the mother of his children,” she says proudly. “I’m not a baby mama. There’s a lot more to me than that.”


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