The Beef Is Officially On: Officer Ross’ Camp Got Their Feeling’s Hurt By Jeezy’s “Death Before Dishonor Track”.

Well that didn’t take long, Jeezy’s dropped “Death Before Dishonor” , now all hell is breaking loose..

It’s easy to tell right off the bat that Jeezy was going at Officer Ross with the lines, “How you Blowin’ Money Fast?/ You don’t know the crew/ Oh, you part of the fam?/ Sh–, I never knew.”

From the time Officer Ross dropped “BMF (Blowing Money Fast)” there has been speculation that it didn’t sit well with Jeezy.

Especially because Ross screams repeatedly “I think I’m Big Meech” in the song. For those that may not know, Big Meech is the head of the Black Mafia Family (BMF). Young Jeezy is heavily affiliated with them. Meech was brought down by the Feds on a variety of charges including running a continuing criminal enterprise, cocaine distribution and money laundering.

Big Meech
While there have been reports that Meech is ok with Officer Ross’ song. Today, Jeezy let it be known that he is not.

This is actually the 2nd track, Jeezy has dropped regarding this situation. Back in June he dropped his own version of BMF called “The Real Blowing Money Fast” which featured Big Meech. 

When contacted by MTV, Officer Ross said he was confused by Jeezy’s 1st BMF release, “It confused me that if it was called ‘The Real B.M.F.,’ I would have called it ‘The Black Mafia Family.’ … You know, you may have to ask him.”

I guess he isn’t confused anymore because one of his Triple C members, Torch is going ape sh*t on twitter dissing Jeezy.

Here’s a sample of Torch’s reckless tweets that are still going as I type this.

“SIN€E This F***** ass Rap Nikka Sneak Dissing I Think Its Only Right We Start A Trending Topik Kalled #JeezyWhyUMad.”

“#JeezyWhyUMad Def-Jam Done Pushed Ya Album Bakk 5Times & U Still Aint Gotta Release Date??”

“#JeezyWhyUMad Trying 2Steal Plies Swagg Aint Work 4U??”

#JeezyWhyUMad GU€€I went in Jail Hotter Than U Kame Home & He Still Hotter Than U & Now His lil Nikka Waka Hotter in the Streetz than U2.?

#JeezyWhyUMad BMF the Biggest Rekord in the Kountry & Even tho that’s the name of Ya Krew Yo Lame ass Kouldnt kome up with That?”


I think it’s safe to say the beef is on, hopefully all parties involved can keep this on wax


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