WTF!! Georgia School Principal Shows Up For First Day Of Class…Gets Robbed By Teen As Soon As She Exits Her Vehicle

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA — It was the first day of school for many students. It was also the first day for several teachers and administrators. There were lot of things to be anxious about.

But the principal of an elementary school in DeKalb County never could have expected what happened to her. She was robbed right in front of her school, Stone Mill Elementary in Stone Mountain. To add insult to injury a school age child is accused of doing it.

Principal Rita Harper was getting out of her car in the school parking lot at around 6:45AM when she was jumped and robbed.

Many parents were informed about the robbery when they picked up their kids from school Monday. Maleika Vaughner picked up her five year old son after his first day at school. “My son just started kindergarten here and this is the school he attends and it makes me a little nervous about the neighborhood,” she said.

Another parent, Tameka Best picked up her daughter. “It’s very sad and disappointing that something like that can happen on the first day of school,” she said.

It was the first day of school for DeKalb County Schools but two school age children didn’t go to school. Shortly after the principal was robbed, DeKalb County Police were called to the Elite at Stone Mountain apartment complex across from the school. There was a burglary in progress.

DeKalb County Police spokesperson Mekka Parish said when police arrived at the apartment complex they saw two teenagers coming out of an apartment carrying a flat screen television.

Parish said one of the boys, who is 15, had evidence that belonged to principal Harper. School officials confirmed it was her cell phone. The 15 year old and a 13 year old boy were charged in the burglary. Parish said the 13 year old was not involved in the robbery of principal Harper.

Principal Harper was treated and released from the hospital. According to school officials she is more determined to get back to work. Parent Tameka Best asked the question everyone is wondering about the two boys: “Why weren’t they in school today?”

DeKalb County School officials said parents are being notified about the assault and the schools assistant principal would oversee operations until principal Harper returns.

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