Miss Universe 2010: Official Swimsuit Pictures

Like most men, when I think of a pageant the first thing that comes to mind is the swimsuit contest. I’m not really trying to hear these women talk about their views on world issues. I’m more concerned with seeing how they look in a two piece bikini.

With that in mind, I bring you the Miss Universe contestants in their swim wear.

The event airs tonight at 9pm eastern

Who’s the hottest?

Miss Spain

Miss Zambio

Miss Albania

Miss Slovak Republic

Miss Ukraine

Miss Greece

Miss Panama

Miss Kazakhstan

Miss Ghana

Miss Israel

Miss Bahamas

Miss Belgium

Miss Bolivia

Miss Mauritius

Miss Brazil

Miss Cyprus

Miss Netherlands

Miss Egypt

Miss Canada

Miss Denmark

Dominican Republic

Miss Thailand

Miss Peru

Miss Turkey

Miss Tanzania

Miss Russia

Miss Sri Lanka

U.S. Virgin Islands

Miss Australia

Miss Italy

Miss Guatemala

Miss Mexico

Miss Czech Republic

Miss Korea

British Virgin Islands

Miss Angola

Miss Honduras

Miss Kosovo

Miss Germany

Miss Ecuador

Miss Croatia

Miss Trinidad & Tobago

Miss Serbia

Miss Switzerland

Miss J**an

Miss France

Miss Venezuela

Miss Poland

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Slovenia

Miss Costa Rico

Miss Norway

Miss Sweden

Miss Malaysia

Miss Georgia

Miss Argentina

Miss Paraguy

Miss Jamaica

Miss China

Miss Finland

Miss Philippines

Miss Guam

Miss India

Miss Botswana

Miss Hungary

Miss Britain

Miss Singapore

Miss Guyana

Miss Uraguay

Miss El Salvador

Miss Nicaragua

Miss Haiti

Miss Curacao

Miss Isreal

Miss U.S.A.

Miss New Zealand

Miss Lebanon

Miss Indonesia

Miss Romania

Miss Columbia

Miss South Africa

Miss Nigeria

New Zealand


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