Jay-Z Says He Would’ve Robbed Close Friend Chris Martin Had They Met When He Was A Teen: ”He’d Have To Get Robbed,,At Best”

Jay-Z reckons he would have robbed Coldplay’s Chris Martin if they’d met when he was 16.

Lucky they didn’t because they now enjoy one of the tightest bonds in showbiz… and Chris may just have inspired the richest man in rap to have kids with Beyonce.

In an extraordinary interview Jay-Z, 40, raps lyrical about best pal Chris, who he considers family.

They certainly make an odd couple – after all, their upbringings were wildly different.

Jay, born Shawn Carter, was already dealing drugs on the streets of Marcy, New York, by the tender age of 13. Around that time, Chris would have been tucked up in his cosy dormitory at Sherborne boys’ school in Dorset.

Asked what he would have thought of Chris at 16, Jay said: “That’s a different scenario. He couldn’t walk through Marcy. I was a different person then. I wasn’t open to the world and to cultures.

“I would have been, ‘Yo! Who are you? Give me your money.’ You couldn’t have a guy like Chris walking through Marcy. He’d have to get robbed. At best.”

Of course, it’s an altogether different story these days.

Jay-Z is a global megastar, the richest man in rap who has enjoyed mammoth hits including Empire State of Mind and a controversial headlining slot at Glastonbury.

Their two children, Apple and Moses, affectionately call the rapper Uncle Jay and he gushed: “They are a really cool family with beautiful kids, who happen to be good at the jobs they do.”

Asked if he wanted something similar himself, Jay-Z replied: “Kids? Of course.”

Perhaps they’ll consider a move to Devon, because Jay-Z has fallen in love with the place after he met Matt Bellamy from Muse at the Coachella festival earlier this year.

Jay said: “That man is a superstar. I told him he was awesome. All the good s*** comes from Devon. Isn’t that where Coldplay are from?” Yep, and the cider’s not bad either. However, there’s one thing about Blighty that Jay doesn’t like.

Former Oasis star Noel Gallagher famously blasted him for playing at Glastonbury in 2008, claiming that hip-hop was wrong for the festival.

And Jay told Q magazine out on August 26: “I thought it was a bit music-racist. An old way of thinking.

“Everyone trying to do something new is going to come up against a Noel Gallagher figure in their life.”


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