BoomBox Interview W/T.I. Tip Clarifies Statement He Made Comparing ‘King Uncaged’ To 2Pac’s ‘All Eyez On Me’ + Behind The Scenes Of 1 Night Only Concert

The self-proclaimed King of the South is back, and The BoomBox caught up with T.I. as he prepped for his first major performance since he was released from prison earlier this year. Last week Tip kicked off AXE Music’s ‘One Night Only’ series at New York’s Capitale, and while the sound technicians, grips, gaffer, etc. were there to make sure the performance went off without a hitch, the many journalists and camera crews were undoubtedly present to capture any info the rapper could give about his incarceration and many upcoming projects. Acutely prepared for the barrage of questions coming his way from hungry media, T.I. strolled into the venue, took a spot and allowed the photogs to snap away.

After accommodating several photo requests, shaking hands of label reps and handlers, and figuring out his lunch plans, T.I. jumped right into explaining why he knows ‘King Uncaged‘ stands up to any classic hip-hop album, specifically Tupac’s post-prison ‘All Eyez on Me.’

“The reason why we get ourselves up in the morning is to be in competition for the best of the best. I am no different. This is no different,” Tip explained, clearing up some possible confusion over the comparison he made in Rolling Stone magazine. “I think my statement was somewhat taken out of context though. I said that this would be the biggest, most anticipated album after the release of an imprisoned artist since ‘All Eyez on Me,’ and for that reason it would probably be compared to ‘All Eyez on Me.’ I did not weigh in on that comparison in any way. Those are huge shoes to fill. It’s a tall order and it implies a lot of pressure. But I welcome pressure.”

And, welcoming pressure and challenges, T.I. will be releasing ‘King Uncaged‘ on September 28, just six months after being released from a halfway house — which was his home for three months after spending nine months in a federal correctional facility in Forrest City, Ark. In the meantime, Tip will star alongside Chris Brown, Idris Elba and Matt Dillon in the heist flick ‘Takers,’ which is set to hit theaters this Friday (August 27).

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