Investigation Underway To Determine If Violence At Iowa State Fair Was Attributed To ”Beat Whitey Night”


The Iowa State Fair in Des Moines was the scene of a number of attacks by a gang of African American youths on white people attending the Iowa State Fair. At the time, police candidly discussed reports that the attackers had hurled racial epithets and talked about “Beat Whitey Night”. Now, police are backing off their original assertions, saying that eyewitness accounts are “not credible”. WOI TV reports as follows on the revised accounts of the weekend violence.

“But earlier in the week, police said it was very possible race was a factor after an off–duty officer took a report that dozens of black teens were at the fair yelling “beat whitey night.”

Now, police say there’s no source to those comments and witnesses’ information is not credible.

“There had been intelligence that this was beat whitey night, I have looked into it and I cannot find the origin of the comment,” says Dawson.”

The original accounts of the violence were cited by police spokesmen as having been credible. According to the Des Moines Register, Des Moines police are urging witnesses of the violence that occurred between August 14 and 22 to come forward both to establish motives and to possibly apprehend further suspects as result of the ongoing investigation.


Vodpod videos no longer available.



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