Oops! During a discussion with CNN cohort Jessica Yellin regarding recent controversies surrounding President Obama and his religious faith, Rick Sanchez used an old fashioned (and some might add racist) phrase that he immediately regretted, exasperating “he’s the cotton picking President!”

Shortly after he made that comment CNN went to commercial, and immediately upon coming back from the break Sanchez offered a thoughtful apology and clarification regarding his very poor choice of words.

According to Phrase Finder, “the term ‘cotton-picking’ originated in the southern states of the USA, where it is usually pronounced cotton-pickin’” Newsweek Senior Editor Julia Reed came under criticism for making a similar comment while guesting on CNN’s AC 360 when she said that President Obama was “out of his cotton picking mind.”


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Waka Flocka’s been dropping nothing but bangers lately, and judging from the tracks heard in this video that’s not about to change anytime soon.

Hood Affairs was at the ‘Flockaveli‘ album listening session, and got footage of Waka and Brick Squad CEO, Gucci Mane enjoying what sounds like a hot album.

Lex Lugar produced the bulk of the tracks on the cd which drops October 5.

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As for Hill’s own classics from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and the Fugees’ The Score, she constantly changed up the arrangements for the records. The legendary songstress said she needed to be free.

“There’s been such a long period of time where I haven’t been able to communicate where my mind is, where my consciousness is, where my ideas are,” she told MTV News on Saturday. “I have to upgrade them a bit so that they’re still exciting and fresh and they’re new. There’s something almost jazz-like the way I approach performances. I’m not sure if the audience really understands. We need, or at least I need, a certain amount of spontaneity, a certain amount of improvisation every show. I might have gotten spoiled from the Fugee days. We used to improvise a lot. It kept it so fresh and exciting. I need that. I need that improvisational, almost jazz-like improvisational dynamic when I’m onstage. It keeps it so exciting. It’s that unknown, that literal X factor that makes every show something different — something unique and something I want to continue to do.”

Hill said that’s just where she is as an artist right now. “That’s the type of mind that I have, the type of spirit I have,” she said. “I need that new energy.”

For the outing, Hill said it was incredible to find musicians who are fearless.

“This is an athletic discipline,” she described. “You gotta be in shape to do it mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically. But it’s time. We’re excited about what the future holds.”


Lil B aka Based God is building a nice buzz in the industry.

His “cooking dance” is becoming more popular and he’s gaining more fans for his music as people start to get what he’s trying to do.

Back in June, B had a Twitter beef with Joe Budden, which resulted in B releasing a diss track “T Shirts and Buddens” aimed at the Slaughterhouse MC.

In fairness to Joe, I must add that I don’t think he ever took the situation seriously, it was more of a joke to him from the start.

Nevertheless, Lil B claimed victory and calls Budden his first victim. What’s the deal with you and Joe Budden?

Lil B: I’ma supporter of Joe Budden. I listen to his music, I think he’s a very talented and truthful artist and this… That insult, you know, he… It was crazy ’cause I felt like he was making a mockery of me over Twitter, so [I tweeted], “Joe follow me. I’m a supporter of you. Check me out. Let’s do some work.” He didn’t follow me. I’m like, “Okay, Joe, I’m getting very emotional right now. I feel like you’re making fun of me. Follow me.” He didn’t follow me, I said, “Fine, Joe, I’m a better lyricist than you. You cannot see me lyrically.” Then he started tweeting, like, “Ooh, really,” he’s like, “I wouldn’t wanna be dissed by somebody that looked like Jesus,” and really making fun of me. And you know, I’m thinking in my head Joe Budden is really a worthy opponent ’cause a lot of people aren’t worthy of me to address them. He’s worthy of me to address and so, I destroyed him and you know, it’s done now.

And that was it?

I apologized to him later, I told him my feelings were hurt that you didn’t follow me and you know you were mocking me over Twitter. You were being mean, you know what I mean? I don’t want you to lose money, or hurt your brand in anyway. I let it rest at that, and then he hit me up today like, “I want you on Mood Muzik 4” and it’s like, he won’t follow me, it’s like he’s making like a mockery of me. You know? I don’t know. Maybe he has dry humor over the Internet. I don’t know. You know, but it’s just the Internet.

Do you feel it was a mistake having that exchange online?

I’m ready for any rapper to lyrically try to mess with me and what not ’cause it’s not going down and I will destroy them. It’s just crazy, he’s just one of those guys that really just not paying attention as much as you think he is. If [Budden] really was paying attention he would respect what I’m doing, you know what I mean? I really pay attention. I’m seeing the artist that I respect, but it’s some people everybody not gon’ like, so I have to accept that, too. But it’s kinda like, I’m making it to where I’m undeniable, ’cause I really got something for everybody. But it’s like when you gon’ take the time out to sit and take a listen?



Nelly takes off on set of “Just a Dream,” one of the lead singles from his upcoming album 5.0. Shot on the beach of Playa del Rey, Calif., the St. Lunatic is suspended in air by a crane while seated in his dream car, the Mustang 5.0. “It’s just about loving, losing, and wanting to love again,” he says of the Jim Jonsin and Rico Love production, which is No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In the subsequent interview with, Nelly talks about the ever-changing music industry, a Dr. Luke-produced track on his album featuring Akon and T-Pain, and donating his radio hosting salary to charity.

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DALLAS – Dallas County commissioners formally signaled this morning that they would approve a tax increase in about three weeks while also keeping employee salaries unchanged for the coming 2011 fiscal year.

The commissioners voted to propose a 1.5-cent tax rate increase for the purposes of balancing the 2011 budget. The budget is still $1 million short due to changing revenue projections. To close that, the county budget director said he would propose a transfer of transportation dollars into the general fund.

Commissioners also voted to set next year’s elected-official salaries, which will see no change from this year except they will not include cell phone allowances. As a result, county employee salaries will be frozen for a third straight year, officials said.

If the Commissioners Court had not signaled its intent to raise taxes, pay cuts would likely have been needed to close a large budget gap.

Commissioners will vote to approve the budget and tax rate on Sept. 21.

County Judge Jim Foster said last week that he had changed his mind and would support a tax rate increase. The Democrat would be the swing vote in favor of a tax hike when the Commissioners Court approves the budget in about three weeks.

In an e-mail sent Monday to all county employees, Commissioner John Wiley Price cautioned that nothing is final until the budget is approved Sept. 21.

“While the judge’s action was an important step in our budget-making process, we are still not complete with this enormous task, and I must caution everyone that there is still much work to be done and that I fear some previously agreed-upon positions may suddenly change,” Price said.

Price, a Democrat, and Commissioner Mike Cantrell, a Republican, have said they also favor the tax hike. Republican Commissioners Maurine Dickey and Kenneth Mayfield have said they will vote to keep the current tax rate of 22.81 cents per $100 of property value for next year.

Price said some budget items that were previously earmarked for elimination have become the subject of intense negotiations since Foster announced last week that he was changing his vote. He said anything can change between now and Sept. 21 and that employees and county residents should not assume anything about the budget until votes are cast.

“It’s not over until it’s over!” Price said in his e-mail to county employees.


 A filing on behalf of basketball superstar LeBron James dismisses as “rank speculation” claims by a Washington lawyer that he is the athlete’s biological father, saying the man has “delusions” about alleged family ties.

Lawyers for James and his mother filed papers in federal court Monday seeking to dismiss a pending lawsuit. Leicester Stovell alleges the NBA all-star and his family have been involved in a cover-up to deny paternity, by committing fraud and misrepresentation.

The 14-page doc**ent said Stovell had completely failed to prove any of the facts alleged in his June 23 complaint. And they said he was motivated only by fame and money, calling Stovell’s actions a “fanciful hope for celebrity.”

The lawsuit claims Stovell met James’ mother, Gloria, in a Washington bar and restaurant in 1984, when she was visiting from Ohio. She was 15 or 16 at the time, and Stovell says they had sex only once, and was informed by Gloria James months later that she was pregnant. He claims she told him the child would be named LeBron, similar to Leicester Bryce, Stovell’s first and middle names.

Stovell is asking for unspecified millions of dollars in damages, and says he has been trying for three years to establish paternity, which he hopes would lead to financial and commercial opportunities. He is a solo legal practitioner in the District of Columbia, and filed the lawsuit on his own behalf.

He alleges a DNA test that showed he was not James’ father was falsified.

James’ attorneys, Frederick Nance and John Burlingame, dismissed those suggestions in often mocking tones aimed at the plaintiff.

“Stovell’s claims for millions of dollars from his p***tive son and Gloria James are based upon rank speculation,” said the court filing, “that a man who claims that as a 29-year-old lawyer he got a 15-year-old girl pregnant during a one-night stand and who never contributed a penny in child support would earn millions in commercial endors****ts by crawling out of the woodwork after the child he never gave a thought to became an NBA star.”

James, a native of Akron, Ohio, recently left the Cleveland Cavaliers to sign with the Miami Heat for what is believed to be one of the richest sports contracts in history. He is the reigning most valuable player of the NBA, and has carefully cultivated a public image as one of the most popular and talented athletes.

The complaint filed June 23 by Stovell said, “I recently have concluded that a comprehensive, sophisticated and well-funded effort might well have been under way for quite some time, perhaps beginning in its present form as early as when defendant LeBron James was in high school, to frustrate identification of his real father, and that there is a likelihood that the father in question is me.”

James’ lawyers think otherwise. “Stovell may truly believe that he is the father of LeBron James, even though a DNA test has told him otherwise. But his delusions do not give rise to a cause of action against either Gloria or LeBron James.”

Public records show Stovell is a former government attorney with the Securities and Exchange Commission. He filed a lawsuit in 2002 against the agency, alleging racial discrimination. Federal court records show the case was settled when the SEC paid him $230,000, while not admitting fault.


Surrounded by a bevy of large umbrellas, Madame Tussauds Washington, D.C., will unveil a wax figure of pop superstar Rihanna, the voice behind the popular tune “Umbrella,” on Aug.31 at 10:30 a.m. The figure unveiling takes place days after the Barbados-born singer saw the figurine for the first time.

Madame Tussauds’ studio artists created Rihanna’s wax figure after studying hundreds of photographs and videos of the stylish star. Rihanna, 22, even donated the edgy, all-black outfit corset, pumps and jeans her figurine dons. Keeping the award-winning entertainer’s fashion trends in mind, the museum added some “bling” to her figure, including a glittering pin on her jacket lapel, a gold and diamond ring, dangling diamond earrings and sparkling tennis bracelet.

Rihanna’s figure will be part of Madame Tussauds Washington D.C.’s Glamour Room, where guests will be able to take photographs with the wax double. Also, fans who visit Madame Tussauds Washington D.C. from Aug. 31-Sept. 30 and mention the word “umbrella” will receive a “Buy One, Get One Free” admission. As an additional incentive, the first 50 fans who attend the figure unveiling and mention the word “umbrella” will also receive a free Madame Tussauds Washington D.C. umbrella


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Evicted from his apartment, James has to move in with his girlfriend of 3 months. He quickly discovers that she’s everything he never wanted in a woman. His only option is to get her to break up with him — but still let him sleep on the couch.


VIDEO INSIDE…May Be Disturbing To Some Viewers

Outraged animal lovers joined an online search Tuesday for a young woman who features in a 44-second-long video throwing what appear to be puppies into a river to drown them.

More than 1,500 people have joined a Facebook group titled ” Find the girl throwing puppies in the river ” since the shocking video was posted online.

Another Facebook group was set up titled “The chick who threw those puppies into the river shud [sic] be arrested.”

The video — which is believed to have been made in Croatia — begins with a young woman dressed in a red sweater throwing a whimpering puppy into a fast-flowing river.

She then bends down and takes another puppy from a bucket before tossing it into the water. The woman throws a total of six puppies into the river during the video.

The video was posted on Facebook and on the video sharing website LiveLeak.

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Prior to its release, Drake’s debut album ‘Thank Me Later’ was expected by some to go platinum the first week out.

While it didn’t hit one million in sales, it did sell a very respectable 447,000 copies and has subsequently been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Young Money CEO Cortez Bryant, was one of those people who had hoped ‘Thank Me Later’ would hit that magic number. He recently talked to Vibe and offered an explanation for why he feels it didn’t.

The first week was great but [Drake] still need that big smash pop hit like we had with Wayne’s ‘Lollipop’. Wayne got his million because he had that urban side and he crossed over to that pop demographic. I believe Drake would’ve got those million sales if we would’ve had that pop record.”

Cortez doesn’t expect the Swizz Beatz assisted single, “Fancy” to be that monster hit either.

“I don’t think ‘Fancy’ is that pop record either. It’ll go so far, but when we drop ‘Show Me A Good Time’ in September— that has the potential to be that big record.

While Cortez is still focusing on Drake’s current album. Others in the Young Money camp are already thinking about his next album.

Mack Maine hinted in an interview with MTV that a new Drizzy album could be in stores by Christmas.

It makes sense,” Mack said said of a new album. “Like DMX and those guys [at Def Jam]. They dropped two in one year. I think 50 [Cent] did two in one year. If it wasn’t a year, it was right around that time. [Drake’s] hot like that. Why not? Give them what they want.

What do you guys think, would a new Drake album so soon do as well as his first one?

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A University Interscholastic League appeal hearing for Southlake Carroll High School quarterback Daxx Garman is now scheduled for next month.

Garman was the focus of a News 8 investigation into whether his family really moved to Southlake from Oklahoma.

Following the broadcast reports, a UIL committee found Garman was ineligible to play for the Dragons. League rules prohibit transferring to a new school for athletic purposes.

Garman’s appeal will be heard in Austin on September 14.



The Carmelo Anthony vs Kat Stacks saga might have just taken an even more serious turn, with Kat claiming she has filed a police report against the NBA star.

Last week Denver Nuggets basketball player, Carmelo Anthony and his wife Lala Vasquez got into an argument on Twitter, that was sparked by Stacks sending a flirtatious tweet to Anthony.

Instead of ignoring it, Carmelo and Lala took the bait. The argument that ensued ended with Carmelo sending out a tweet offering a $5,000 bounty to anyone that would slap Stacks.


Not soon after, Carmelo’s Twitter account was deleted with him later claiming it was hacked.

The account has since been restored, but troubles caused by the threat may be just beginning.

Last night (August 30), Stacks sent out a tweet claiming she had filed a police report about the incident.

So the FBI getting involved since its an internet case

Just filed a police report on @CarmeloAnthony

Don’t you ever put my life and my son life in danger!

Whether or not she actually did remains to be seen, but the fact is that threat could wind up costing ‘Melo way more than 5G’s.

Hopefully, for his sake Kat was just bullsh*tting and this whole thing will just blow over.


Ice Cube might rep the West on his new album, appropriately titled I Am the West, but the legendary Left Coast rapper is missing one important link: Dr. Dre.

The former N.W.A groupmates weren’t able to connect on Cube’s project, slated for release independently September 21. Ice Cube said his and Dre’s schedules weren’t able to align.

“I didn’t get a chance to work with Dre on this record,” Cube told MTV News from Skyline Studios in Manhattan, where he previewed his album for press. “He’s been M.I.A. for two to three months now. But I don’t feel bad, because Snoop can’t find him either,” he laughed. “I think, really, it’s because people expect so much from him,” he continued. “People expect, when Dre does a record, it [will] change the trajectory of music. Not just be an album and it come out and be good. It has to come and take us in a different direction. And that’s a lot of pressure.”

Cube was able to recruit a stable of upstart producers and chart-toppers like Bangladesh (Lil Wayne, Beyoncé, Kelis) to work on I Am the West. The project pays homage to the classic gangsta-rap movement Cube helped shape. But records like “She Couldn’t Make It on Her Own” (featuring the rapper’s two sons), “Soul on Ice” and “It Is What It Is” display a range beyond Cube’s California roots. The first single, “I Rep That West,” was serviced to radio and features a clip directed by Gabriel Hart (Young Jeezy, Plies, B.o.B).

I Am the West track list, according to Ice Cube’s management:

» “A Boy Was Conceived”
» “Soul on Ice”
» “Live in California” (featuring Jayo Felony and WC)
» “She Couldn’t Make It on Her Own” (featuring OMG and Dough Boy)
» “Urbanian”
» “Y’All Know How I Am” (featuring OMG, WC, Dough Boy and Maylay)
» “Too West Coast” (featuring WC and Maylay)
» “I Rep That West”
» “Drink the Kool-Aid”
» “No Country for Young Me”
» “It Is What It Is”
» “Hood Robbin’ ”
» “Your Money or Your Life”
» “Nothin’ Like L.A.”
» “All Day, Everyday”
» “Fat Cat”

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While early estimates had “The Last Exorcism” edging out “Takers” at the box office this weekend, T.I. says not so fast. According to a recalculated tally on, his heist film, also starring Idris Elba and Chris Brown, came out on top, grossing $20.5 million vs. the horror movie’s $20.3 million.

It was so tight, they kinda misinformed people prematurely and gave out the wrong information,” Tip said about the initial numbers. “But officially, as it stands right now, ‘Takers’ is the #1 movie in the country, contrary to popular belief. In my heart, I felt it would be.

“Its kinda like the Obama election,” Tip continued. “Not at all as important, but you felt like it was supposed to happen … unless it was some bullsh– in the game, it would likely happen. I’m not in any way trying to compare the magnitude of importance [of the presidential election] to this [box-office] situation, but I’m just trying to somewhat rate my anticipation. Thanks to everyone that supported. Critics were very quick to sign up and criticize the film. I appreciate the people for showing up and judging for themselves. And tweeting and putting out the word of mouth that this really was a good film.”

Tip did more than his share to promote the film this weekend. On Friday, he was in Atlanta treating his hometown fans to the flick, and then he headed to the Midwest on Sunday to do the same.

All weekend I been out,” he said. “If I went and the line was packed, I bought all the tickets. Everybody inside who had already bought the tickets, I bought the concessions — popcorn, candy, slushees, sodas. I did that in Atlanta on Friday and Saturday. Sunday, I was in Mount Pleasant [Michigan] with [Ludacris for a concert]. … I went before the concert and took pictures and signed autographs for everyone who bought tickets. And after the show, I went in after the movie theater had closed. They remained open so they could show the film, man. At 11:30 or 11:55. That allowed us to have two more sold-out shows. I appreciate all the people who supported. It was really the energy. The energy surrounding the project was unmatched.

We were in less theaters, we were in smaller theaters [than ‘The Last Exorcism’],” Tip said about the obstacles for “Takers.” “They were in theaters that held 350 and 400. We were in theaters that held 150 and 185, 225. We had a stronger per-screen average, which means all of the screens that we were viewed on and showed on, we had more sold-out shows than they did. It was more people in line for ‘Takers’ than it was for that movie. It didn’t matter how many more screens than us they were on. It kept it close, but they couldn’t bring out the victory, simply because the people demanded it. The quality of [‘Takers’] spoke volumes of what the people wanted to have in the #1 slot.”

After the film’s successful debut weekend, Tip was on the phone Monday morning (August 30) with the filmmakers about getting a “Takers” prequel greenlit. Musically, he’s dropping a song in the next few days called “I Pledge Allegiance to the Swag.

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Paris Hilton’s arrest on Friday in Las Vegas could land the socialite in jail again. The reality star was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance after police alleged that they found .8 grams of cocaine in her purse during a search following Friday’s incident, Radar Online reports. The charges could land Hilton anything from probation to four years in prison; she could also face a $5,000 fine.

Jillian Prieto, public information officer for the Clark County courts, confirmed that Hilton is due back in Vegas for an arraignment in the case on October 27.

TMZ reported that unnamed friends of Hilton’s said the hotel heiress and nightlife regular is wavering a bit from her initial “it wasn’t my purse” story, explaining that Paris claims a friend recently borrowed the purse and “probably” left the illicit drug inside it. Hilton allegedly said the friend returned the bag but that she never bothered to check the contents before using it herself.

The friend said Hilton explained that she was eating sushi at the Wynn resort with boyfriend Cy Waits when she got tired and Waits offered to drive her home before returning to his gig as a nightclub boss at the Wynn. “It could be a setup,” Hilton is reportedly telling friends. “Everyone knows how against cocaine I am.”

Hilton was pinched after police stopped Waits’ Cadillac Escalade when they smelled “the strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle,” according to the police report in the incident. When one of the officers recognized the passenger as Hilton, he said she immediately tried to roll up her window. When police stopped the car and a crowd began to gather, Hilton told the officers she was “extremely embarrassed” and asked if she could use the bathroom at the Wynn and go inside to “prevent her from being molested by the growing crowd and also asked to go somewhere private and out of the public’s eye until the investigation was over.”

A Radar Online story claimed Hilton could be off the hook because police allegedly failed to check her purse at the scene and instead didn’t do so until she was inside the Wynn, which her lawyers could argue was an illegal search. The police report confirms that an officer escorted Hilton into the hotel to the Wynn security holding room while they waited for a female officer to take her to the restroom. Inside the Wynn, Paris asked if she could take some lip balm out of her purse, and when the officer handed it to her, he claimed in the report, “As she began, I saw a small bindle of what I believed to be cocaine in a clear baggie begin to fall from the purse and into my hand.”

Also found in the purse: a broken tablet of Albuterol — a prescription drug commonly used to treat asthma and wheezing — as well as Zig Zag rolling papers. Hilton copped to the Albuterol but said the cocaine was not hers and that the purse did not belong to her and that she’d borrowed it from a friend. When questioned by the police about the cocaine, she allegedly said “she had not seen it but now thought it was gum.” Also inside the purse were $1,300 in cash and some of Hilton’s credit cards.

Reported boyfriend Waits failed a field sobriety test, according to the police report, and was also arrested in the incident and charged with driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

The heiress had another run-in with the law over alleged drug possession earlier this summer when she was detained in South Africa at the World Cup for marijuana possession. But the case against Hilton was later dropped after officials learned that someone else in her group was smoking. Hilton has a history of getting in trouble for possessing substances and hitting the road, including a 23-day jail sentence in 2007 for violating probation stemming from a 2006 DUI bust.

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(AllHipHop News) Yonkers Hip-Hop label Ruff Ryders has relaunched its recording business as Ruff Ryders Indy and will officially launch its new roster of artists currently on the label.

The principles in the new label are CEO/President Joaquin “Waah” Dean, Director of Operations Dedra Tate and Directors of Marketing, Tenisha Rae and Alimah Samsid-Deen.

According to representatives from Double XXposure PR, the company that officially represents Ruff Ryders Indy, the label will be distributed by Fontana/Universal, with a focus on mentoring new and independent labels.

Ruff Ryders Indy will provide marketing, street promotion, radio promotion and product management, in addition to educational programs offered to label CEO’s to help build their brands.

As one of the founders of Ruff Ryders in 1988, Joaquin Dean helped introduce artists like DMX, Eve, Swizz Beatz, The Lox, Drag-On and others into pop culture, selling over 20 million records in the process.

Ruff Ryders Indy’s roster consists of Drag-On, Mook, Shella, Flashy and Lil Joaquin.

This week, the label will conduct a press day to reveal more details about their roster and the new label’s plans for the future


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