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Caught On Tape: Florida Cop Runs Over 17 Yr Old On Bike, Killing Him, Then Plants Gun On Boy’s Body

August 5, 2010

On October 3, 2009, 17 year old Victor Steen was murdered by a police officer and it was all caught on dash cam. Officer Jerald Ard was chasing Steen, who was riding a bike. After Steen refused to stop, Officer Ard fired his taser from his moving car which hit Steen and knocked him from […]

Dirty Cop Interrogated, Then Murdered On Tape Leads Mexican Police To Arrest Prison Officials Who Allowed Inmates Out Nightly To Execute At Least 30 People

July 28, 2010

MONTERREY, Mexico – The warden of a prison in the northern state of Durango is under arrest on suspicion she let inmates leave the facility to carry out killings in the nearby city of Torreon, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office said. In custody along with warden Margarita Rojas Rodriguez are her deputy, Francisco Carlos Alberto […]

Caught On Tape: Seattle Cop Punches 17 Yr Old Girl In The Face After Stopping Her For Jaywalking

June 16, 2010

] Hide the women and kids, Seattle, Washington’s finest are on the loose. And whatever you do don’t jaywalk or you might get lumped up by the boys in blue. Seattle Police Officer Ian Walsh punches a 17 year old girl in the face following a confrontation with her and a friend he stopped for […]