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Hilarious: All Girls Prep Choir Sings Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg’s “B*tches Aint Sh*t”

August 28, 2010

  Getting gangsta in the suburbs? Peep this all girl’s choir singing the classic banger, “B*tches Aint Sh*t” from Dr Dre’s album, ‘The Chronic’. Actually, they’re singing the Ben Folds remake version of the song. Somehow, I don’t think these broads ever heard the original version. It’s still a good Saturday morning laugh. All Girls […]

BoomBox Interview W/T.I. Tip Clarifies Statement He Made Comparing ‘King Uncaged’ To 2Pac’s ‘All Eyez On Me’ + Behind The Scenes Of 1 Night Only Concert

August 26, 2010

The self-proclaimed King of the South is back, and The BoomBox caught up with T.I. as he prepped for his first major performance since he was released from prison earlier this year. Last week Tip kicked off AXE Music’s ‘One Night Only’ series at New York’s Capitale, and while the sound technicians, grips, gaffer, etc. […]

ICE CUBE clears up All the BEEF

August 23, 2010

Ice Cube stepped into the Shade 45 studios to discuss his new movie Lottery Ticket, which hit theaters on Friday (August 20). He also discussed the possibility of another Friday movie with Chris Tucker, why he’s ok with doing kid movies despite his gangsta image, and how he feels about his new album. What happened […]

Stuntin Is A Habit Part 2: Video Footage Of Birdman Taking His $2.5 Million All Red Bugatti Veyron Out For A Spin

August 12, 2010

We told you about Birdman copping a new Bugatti Veyron  the other day. At the time there were only pics available. Today we get the visuals. Stunna doesn’t hit the car’s top end speed of 253 mph, but why would he need to? Also I stand corrected on the price tag. I thought it was […]

WHO DO YOU OWE?Birdman Drops $2.1 Million On All Red Bugatti Veyron

August 10, 2010

Birdman has made a truckload of money while overseeing his Cash Money Empire, so excuse him while he stunts a little bit. Stunna just copped an all red Bugatti Veyron which probably cost him at least $2.1 million dollars for the European sports car. The Wall Street Journal estimates the yearly upkeep on the car […]

Behind The Scenes of Young Jeezy’s Upcoming ‘All White Everything’ Video

August 2, 2010

Behind The Scenes of Young Jeezy’s Upcoming ‘Al…, posted with vodpod   Young Jeezy’s is gearing up for his next album, and is setting up his next look — an upcoming music video. While everyone’s sporting all black, Jeezy is keeping it fresh his upcoming upcoming music video for his single, “All White Everything” featuring […]

Gross, But Hilarious: Woman Pukes All Over Herself While Boyfriend Makes Wedding Reel

July 26, 2010

All boyfriends and husbands should make a note to themselves. If your wife/girlfriend is drunk beyond all comprehension, don’t make videos with her in it of any kind. This dude was filming for a couple’s wedding reel when his lady can’t hold it any longer and blows chunks all over herself. I don’t know if […]