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WTH!! Former ‘Canadian Idol’ Contestant Arrested For Alleged Involvement In Terror Plot Against Canada

August 30, 2010

All Blog Posts My Blog Add a Blog Post WTH!! Former ‘Canadian Idol’ Contestant Arrested For Alleged Involvement In Terror Plot Against Canada Posted by ALBANY4LIFE on August 28, 2010 at 3:00pm View ALBANY4LIFE’s blog AUDITION VIDEO INSIDE….VERY FUNNY OTTAWA— Two people were arrested Wednesday afternoon and a third terrorism suspect– one who moonwalked across […]

SHE DID WHAT?? Woman Caught Using Sex Toy While Watching Porn On Laptop…..All While She Was Driving

August 26, 2010

ELMWOOD PLACE – An Elmwood Place police officer who stopped a car because it had illegally tinted windows received a bit of a shock when he looked inside. Officer Ross Gilbert said the driver, Colondra Hamilton, a 36-year-old Downtown resident, was sitting with her pants unzipped and a sex toy in her lap. He said […]

HILARIOUS!! Woman Extremely Happy To Be On TV Show….Even If Its For The Arrest Of Her Own Sister

August 10, 2010

Another day, another soon to be internet celebrity. There’s a local show in Mobile,Alabama titled ‘County Law’ which is basically a local version of the national show ‘Cops’. Well one night they appeared at this ‘lucky’ lady’s home to film the arrest of another woman who reports say is her sister. While watching someone close […]

Too Short Arrested For Battery Following Concert In Idaho

July 15, 2010

Oakland based rapper Too Short and one of his associates were briefly jailed early Thursday after Boise police say they got into a fight with security workers at the Knitting Factory concert club following a concert. The 44-year-old Todd Shaw (Too Short) is charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery and associate Michael T. Walton, […]

MADNESS!! 14 Year Old Admits To Killing Man Over $4

July 15, 2010

 DADE CITY – Like many high school students 14-year-old Harleme Larry was likely enjoying his summer vacation from Land O’ Lakes High School. But his summer was interrupted by Pasco County homicide detectives just after 11 o’clock Monday night, charging him with first degree murder. “It’s been awhile since there has been someone this young […]

WOW! $45 Million Worth Of Drugs Seized From Tractor-Trailer In California

June 28, 2010

Authorities in southern California said the strong smell of marijuana helped them discover $45 million worth of drugs in the back of a tractor-trailer they had pulled over for a traffic violation. Deputies stopped the truck Wednesday morning, then opened the trailer after finding problems with the paperwork for the load, the San Bernardino County […]

What A DOPE! Man Places Craigslist Ad Hoping To Trade ‘iPot’ For New Apple iPad

June 15, 2010

  Jacob Walker GILBERT, Ariz. — Police officers arrested a 20-year-old Gilbert man who allegedly tried to trade marijuana and an iPod for an iPad. According to the Gilbert Police Department, Jacob Walker posted an advertisement on indicating that he wanted to trade an Apple iPod Touch and marijuana for an Apple iPad. […]

NYPD Officer Accused Of Renting Out Badge And Police Equipment To Crime Crew That Robbed Drug Dealers

May 7, 2010

NY Daily News: An NYPD officer sold out his badge – and handed over his gun and other police equipment – to a crime crew that posed as cops to rob drug dealers, the feds charged Thursday. Emmanuel Tavarez even took part in at least four of the stickups, acting as lookout in case real […]