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Snoop Dogg Announces He’s Dropping The Sequel To A Classic With New Album ‘Doggystyle 2: The Doggumentary’. Swizz Beats Producing Tracks For It

September 2, 2010

Snoop Dogg is setting the bar high for his next album. The Doggfather announced that his next cd will be a sequel to the 1993 classic ‘Doggystyle’, and producer Swizz Beatz is already giving him “sounds” for the project. “I’m in the studio with Swizzle, and he just laced my boots up on my new […]

Serbia This Aint A Good Look: Locals Hold T*sticle Cooking World Championships

August 30, 2010

  OZREM, Serbia — In a remote Serbian mountain village, they’re cooking up delicacies to make your mouth water — or your stomach churn. At the seventh annual World T*sticle Cooking Championship, visitors watch — and sometimes taste — as teams of chefs cook up bull, boar, camel, ostrich and even kangaroo t*sticals. “This festival […]

NEW YORK NEW YORK: How Bout Mello? Carmelo Anthony Wants Out Of Denver Bad. Said To Be Interested In New York Knicks

August 17, 2010

All signs continue to point toward the eventual divorce between Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets. League sources say it is now a matter of when, not if, Anthony and the Nuggets will go their separate ways. Anthony is weighing whether to sign a three-year, $65 million extension offered by the Nuggets. His dilemma, league […]

Dr. Dre Misses Chance To Be on Cube’s “I AM THE WEST” Album

August 10, 2010

Dr. Dre Misses Deadline To Be On New Ice Cube Album Hip hop OG Ice Cube’s ninth studio album I AM THE WEST is nearly finished, but according to the gangsta rap veteran, the western union that was to be, with his former N.W.A. member Dr. Dre, will no longer happen. Reporting via his blog, […]

Laila Ali Speaks On The Importance Of Raising Money For Parkinson’s Disease. Says Floyd Mayweather Jr Might Be “Technically” A Better Fighter Than Her Dad, Muhummad Ali

July 26, 2010

Muhammad Ali’s daughter was one hell of a fighter, so she knows a lot about boxing and it’s history. She also has first hand knowledge of dealing with the issue of Parkinson’s Disease since her dad suffers from it. Elie Seckbach recently caught up with her at a Parkinson’s Disease fundraiser being held by former […]

Justin Timberlake Teaches Ciara To Be “Humble”

July 19, 2010

Ciara has revealed collaborating with Justin Timberlake on hit single ‘Love Sex Magic’ last year taught her how to be ”humble”. Justin Timberlake taught Ciara to be “humble”. The pair collaborated on hit single ‘Love Sex Magic’ last year, and the ‘Ride’ singer was astonished by how down-to-earth the former N’Sync star was. She said: […]

Heeeeeere’s Johnny! Mel Gibson Goes Full Postal This Time. Demands GF “Bl**” Him Or He’ll Burn Down The House

July 14, 2010

Mel Gibson’s slow descent into madness continues. It’s almost like watching Jack Nicholson in ‘The Shining’ but scarier. This clown tells his baby’s mom, Oksana Grigorieva she needs to be prepared to “blow him” whenever he wants. Forget sleep, to hell with the jacuzzi, he wants satisfaction now. Panting like he’s on the verge on […]

Weezy Letter #4: As Time Flies – [“I vow to be a bit more careful of what I say.”]

July 13, 2010

With about 4 months served, Weezy checks in for a 4th time since beginning his sentence. In a new letter, Wayne let the world know that he’s holding up just fine, explained his daily schedule and talked about the true impact that the support from his fans is having on him. Read his new letter […]

Are You My Daddy? Lebron James & His Mom Being Sued For $ 4 Million By Man Claiming To Be Basketball Player’s Father

July 8, 2010

TMZ has learned … LeBron James and his mother Gloria James are being sued for millions by a man who claims he tried to prove he’s the NBA star’s biological father — but LeBron and his mom tampered with the evidence in a diabolical cover-up. The lawsuit is explosive — in it, 55-year-old Leicester Bryce […]

Jay-Z To Be Called To Testify In Copyright Trial Of Freeway Ricky Ross vs Officer Ross

June 23, 2010

Freeway Ricky Ross, the ex-cocaine kingpin warned there would be a lawsuit coming against rapper, Officer Ross and Universal and he’s made good on that promise. On Friday, June 18 Freeway Ricky’s legal team filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in the California U.S. District Court according to ContactMusic. Jay-Z, who was responsible for signing Officer […]