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Brian Pumper Reveals Marketing Plan He Hopes Will Convince 50 Cent To Sign Him To G-Unit “I Like G-Unit, I Like The Energy They Bring In Their Music”

August 26, 2010

  Brian Pumper is obviously a 50 Cent/G-Unit fan. The “Porno N*gga” has made that pretty obvious in a few of his videos by having some of his porn girls shout out the Unit. Now, he’s revealing his marketing plan, that he hopes will convince 50 to sign him “I wanna do B. Pumper albums, […]

Montana Fishburne Tests For Playboy Magazine. Will She Make The Cut?

August 25, 2010

I would think that if your first introduction to the world was a porno flick, trying out for Playboy might be too lofty a goal for the average chick. Montana Fishburne has no shame, so she gave it a shot by doing a “test” shoot for the magazine. TMZ reports the photos were shot before […]

Laurence Fishburne Officially Disowns His Daughter, Montana “You Used Your Last Name. No One Uses Their Real Last Name In Porn”

August 17, 2010

Laurence Fishburne has had enough, and has reportedly told his porn star daughter to kick rocks. According to TMZ, 18 year old Montana contacted her dad for the first time since news of her XXX career broke and he wasn’t having it. Laurence reportedly told her her, “I’m not going to speak with you ’till […]

THIS IS WHAT CRACK DOES: Montana Fishburne Could Face Jail Time After Beating The Hell Out Of Her Boyfriend/Pimp’s Ex Girlfriend

August 12, 2010

TMZ is reporting that Montana Fishburne was charged with assault in February after beating the hell out of her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend. According to the report, Fishburne barged into the victim’s home, forced her into the bathroom and boxed that head tough causing “significant injuries“. The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office is charging Montana with […]

Former ‘American Idol’ Winner, Fantasia Barrino Hospitalized For Overdose, Just Days After Being Accused Of Making A Sex Tape W/A Married Man

August 10, 2010

Former “American Idol” winner Fantasia Barrino was hospitalized last night (August 9) in Charlotte, NC for a medication overdose according to a WCNBC report. This comes right on the heels of news that the singer was recently named in a lawsuit by Paula Cook, claiming Barrino wrecked her marriage. Among other things, Cook alleges Barrino […]

WOW, TOTAL DISRESPECT!!!!! Montana Fishburne’s Porn Co-Star Brian Pumper Releases Diss Track Going At Jay-Z, Telling Him Beyonce “Aint Satisfied”

August 6, 2010

Porn star/rapper Brian Pumper has a few not so nice words for Jay-Z. He just released a very personal diss record titled “She’s Not Satisfied”. Talking about the things he wants to do Hov’s wife, Beyonce. It might be time to stop doing brunches with Coldplay’s Chris Martin and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow and start […]

LMAO: Houston Texan’s Rookie, Trinton Holliday Forced To Ride Pink Tricycle As Part Of Hazing

August 6, 2010

Every NFL rookie has to go through it, unless you’re Dez Bryant of the Cowboys, but that’s another story. You can’t escape getting hazed by the veterans when you’re fresh out of college. Usually rookies get their heads shaved bald, carry the veterans pads after practice or pay for dinners for the team. The Houston […]

SORRY BUT THIS IS A DAMN SHAME……….. “Oh & Its Shaved” Brian Pumper (ft. Lawrence Fishbourne’s Daughter)

August 4, 2010

JUST WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! “Oh & Its Shaved” Brian Pumper (ft. Lawrence Fi…, posted with vodpod  

This Aint Right: Con Artists Using Pics Of Dead Military Men To Scam Lonely Women Out Of Money & Break Their Hearts

July 29, 2010

Jasonville, Indiana (CNN) — Last Christmas, Stacey Chapman hung a stocking, anxiously awaiting the homecoming of the all-American soldier she had met online and planned to marry. But he never came home. After some research, Chapman discovered the 20-year-old blond in fatigues pictured in the online dating profile, Spc. Brian Browning, had died in Iraq […]

Off The Market: Megan Fox Getting Married To Brian Austin Green

June 16, 2010

  We all had our shot and blew it! Megan Fox is officially off the market after getting engaged to boyfriend Brian Austin Green. “Yes, she is engaged,” her rep told UsWeekly. “I saw her jumping up and down,” a witness said of the proposal in Hawaii. “Later, I saw a half dozen staff sifting […]