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HARD TO THE PAINT!!!Waka Floor Attempts To Crowd Surf And Gets Dropped

August 16, 2010

Stage diving should come with instruction manuals for some people. Brick Squad member, Waka Flocka attempted to crowd surf during his show at a club in Minnesota and got dropped by the crowd. It looked like it happened because members of Waka’s crew jumped in right after him and it was too much weight for […]

Gucci Mane sits Down with Yahoo [Speaks on New Album, Getting out of Jail & Group Album with Waka Flocka & OJ Da Juiceman]

July 21, 2010

Yahoo! Music’s Billy J speaks to Gucci Mane about getting out of jail, prepping for “The Appeal,” and his group with Waka Flocka and OJ Da Juiceman. yahoo, posted with vodpod  

DJ Tephlon & DJ Smallz Presents: Verse Simmonds & OJ Da Juiceman- “A Gangsta & A Gentleman”

July 14, 2010

DJ Tephlon & DJ Smallz Presents: Verse Simmonds & OJ Da Juiceman- “A Gangsta & A Gentleman” click HERE to Download

The Real Shawt Bus Shawty: 19 Yr Old Steals Bus, Picks Up Passengers, Crashes, Then Tries To Walk Away Like Nothing Happened

July 13, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Metro Transit Police say 19-year-old William Jackson, of Washington, D.C., wearing a bus operator’s uniform, walked into the bus storage area on Bladensburg Road, and drove away with bus number 9318. Investigators believe the youth began running the B-2 route toward Anacostia, and stopped for passengers. The accused thief is apparently cooperating […]

1017 Brick Squad Parody: Short Bus Shorty (ShawtBusShawty) *LMAO*

July 10, 2010

I’ve seen a lot of parodies of rappers. Some have been funny, but most of them are completely forgettable . This one right here, had me rollin. The people over at youtube’s Beyoownboss decided to poke some fun at Gucci Mane’s Brick Squad with a song titled “Short Bus Shorty”. The video features cartoon versions […]