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Lay Down Son: Dude Gets His A** Beat For Talking Crazy In Front Of The Wrong Group Of People

August 28, 2010

Lay Down Son: Dude Gets His A** Beat For Talkin…, posted with vodpod   Advertisements

Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren Speaks Out For 1st Time To People Magazine “I’ve Been Through Hell”

August 25, 2010

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren said she’s “been through hell” since her hubby’s infidelity surfaced last November — but that she “feels stronger than I ever have” following the split, according to an interview released today. Nordegren told People magazine she and Woods tried for months to reconcile. In the end, a marriage “without trust […]

LESSON LEARNED!!!T.I. Doesn’t Go Out Much Anymore Because He Can’t Pack A Gun “I’m Just Uncomfortable Having No Tool”

August 11, 2010

Rapper T.I. was released from prison in December after getting knocked for trying to buy an a***nal of weapons that would have made Tony Montana jealous. Now that he’s free to roam, he finds himself spending more time at home than ever. Not just because he loves spending time with his family, but also because […]

Melo’s Sexy Wifey, Lala Vazquez On The Beach

August 10, 2010

Pure Comedy, BUT SERIOUS: Homo Thug Gets Heated, Sends Warning Shots Out To His Sister’s Attacker

July 29, 2010

I’m gonna start off by saying that what happened in this situation is messed up and is a serious matter. A young woman in Huntsville, Alabama. Kelly Dodson, was at home asleep when some lowlife climbed into her bed and tried to rape her. She screamed, and fought with fight her attacker. That’s when her […]

SEXY CASSIE!!Check Out Pics Of The Singer Performing In St Tropez

July 27, 2010

FLYING HIGH!! Check Out Whoopi Goldberg High As A Kite, Laughing Hysterically, Stumbling Over Words On The View

July 21, 2010

People aren’t supposed to take drugs and operate heavy machinery or drive. They also shouldn’t go on a national t.v show airing to millions of people. Whoopi Goldberg, one of the hosts of ABC’s popular daytime talk show The View was lit up like a Christmas tree Monday (July 19). Apparently, Whoopi needs sedatives to […]

Oh Boy! Snoop Dogg Calls Out Manny Pacquiao “Pacquiao Take The Blood Test, Quit Being Scared N*gga”

July 16, 2010

I didn’t see this one coming, but Big Snoop Dogg has put his two cents in on the potential Manny Pacquia vs Floyd Mayweather Jr fight. According to recent reports, the two fighters have agreed on everything including Manny taking the blood test. The only thing holding the fight up is Floyd giving the ok […]

Who Wants Tessie To Blow Their Vuvuzela? Check Her Out As She Demonstrates The Proper Technique, LOL

July 9, 2010

Apparently a lot of women have not been using the proper technique when blowing their Vuvuzela’s. Not a problem, Tessie gives a proper demonstration just in time for football season. So have your girl watch this video with you so she can get the hang of it. Now, at the next game you’ll be able […]

Drake Brings Out Kobe Bryant at Powerhouse Live

June 21, 2010

Hip-hop’s MVP brought out the NBA’s MVP at Power 106’s Powerhouse 2010 concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., on Saturday (June 19). Fresh off the Lakers championship win, Drake introduced Kobe Bryant by saying, “Just know man when Kobe Bryant playin’, it’s motherfuckin’ over!” The two embraced onstage before Kobe returned the love: […]

Isle Of Wight Headliner, Jay-Z Brings Out Kanye West To Perform “Run This Town”

June 14, 2010

If you ever doubted the influence of hip hop and just how far the art form has come in the last decade, look no further than the UK’s Isle Of Wight Festival 2010. In years past the festival was exclusively dominated by rock bands. Jay-Z has kicked down a barrier making it possible for top […]

DAMMNN! Weightlifter Attempts To Squat Over 1000lbs But Pukes And Passes Out

June 10, 2010

Usually when a weightlifter throws up during an event, it’s just morning sickness. Not so with Logan Lacy, a 21-year-old competing in the APF Senior Nationals, seen here attempting to squat 1,008 lbs. Tip for weightlifters: before attempting monumental feats of strength, it’s always good to eat lots and lots of Mexican food that morning. […]

Chris Brown Walks Out of an Interview with WRVQ Q94

May 1, 2010

HipHopWired Reports: A scheduled interview between Chris Brown and a Virginia radio station quickly turned sour after the R&B singer complained of his songs not getting airtime, cursed out the radio personality and left. “Why am I even doing this interview? I ain’t doing this s**t!” The singer turned diva let out his rant yesterday […]